Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Bill Maher Believes In Astrology

(image via radaronline)

Would you believe that anti-superstitionist Bill Maher believes in astrology? How does he reconcile this apparent incommensurable with the robustly anti-spiritual message of his new movie Religulous? Granted, belief in Astrology or, for that matter, reincarnation or the Platonic Divided Line, does not lead to monotheism, which has been the center of Maher's frequent attacks. But still. From Radar:

"Radar: After seeing your film, I found it surprising to read that you believe in both astrology and reincarnation. 

"Maher: I didn't come out of the egg believing what I believe now. It was a slow evolution. I was still making deals with God when 
I was 40. It's never too late to become a rationalist. I've always said that I don't not believe in anything. Could it be that God had a boy named Jesus? It could be. But the lint that's in my navel now could be God. It could be Furby. Remember Furby? Furby could be God. As far as astrology goes, I use it as a shorthand for character traits, like I'll say, 'Oh, that's a real Capricorn thing.' The slim reed that would suggest there might be some merit to it is that it's about planetary positions, which could have some basis in scientific fact. Or it could be a bunch of bullshit."

We still love you, Bill, but that is what the late debater Bill Buckley would call a manifest evasion.


Julie said...

Bill Maher is not anti spiritual, he's anti religion. There is a major difference. And anyone who has had a depth of education understands the concepts of an astrological influence. Mind you, if you want to buy into tabloid astrology and if that's what you are referring to as the belief system of Bill Maher, you are very wrong. Tabloid astrology is the same as the misinterpretation of the bible - a way to dumb down the gullible.

Anonymous said...

This "article" fails. Maher, as quoted, lays out that he uses it as a shorthand for character traits, and yet the title of this tripe is "Bill Maher Believes In Astrology". The author clearly either didn't read what he/she just wrote, or is a moron. You decide.

Anonymous said...

Astrology is just another religon - and a spectacularly dumb one at that!