Monday, March 03, 2008

Whatever Happened To Hugh Grant?

Class. (image via newsoftheorld)

Jinxy-Brit hack-tor Hugh Grant was supposed to be the ultimate European export, no? Hugh, fresh from a life of intellectually lightweight partying with the Oxford dandies, was supposed to revolutionize Romantic comedy. Remember back in the early 90s when he was buzzy? Then, to be sure, there was that unfortunate beej incident with the hooker, Divine Brown (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment).

C'est la vie!

And so Hugh became, essentially, a himbo, a man-whore, largely forgoing the trappings of Hollywood to troll the Tatler magazine party crowd in locations European in search of a rich woman. His ex, Liz Hurley, searched for a rich slice of bo-hunk (which, allegedly, when done to excess, can get you fired as the face for Estee Lauder). Hugh did much the same, looking, smarmily, for an heiress with a heart of gold (And a thick bank account). And then he hooked up with Jemima Khan, daughter of the late -- and loaded -- Sir Jimmy Goldsmith. And then, in true jinxy fashion, Hugh kind of fucked it up.

But it seems they are back on again. And Hugh, in a class move, likes to drive his sweetie with some suds -- Carlsbad, no less (Averted Gaze)-- on the dashboard. He's old school like that, peeps. From the extraordinarily downmarket -- no offense -- Newsoftheworld:

''IT'S not the first time Hugh Grant has been found red-faced in a car, of course. But here's the rom-com actor caught out on a secret date with ex-lover Jemima Khan... and an open can of lager by his side.

"The pair looked startled when they were spotted arriving at a posh London restaurant, 12 months after their three-year relationship ended.

"One witness said: 'Hugh looked like a rabbit caught in headlights.

"'And I was stunned to see Jemima and the can of lager by his side.

"'It's not the sort of drink you would expect anyone to have by their steering wheel when they are driving. He cringed with embarrassment.'"

Cause he's classy, people; he's got kulcha: deal with it.


Anonymous said...

Isn't a multi-millionaire actor that also makes something ridiculous like $23 million on a Warhol painting, like Hugh Grant did last year, loaded enough in his own right not to troll for heiresses? I guess you can't be too rich, huh.

Ron said...

Both Liz Hurley and Hugh Grant freak me out with the golddigging. Both are -- by conventional standards -- rich and successful. Maybe not Spielberg successful, but successful. Liz Hurley even has a production company! Why would they want to become chew-toys for the oily, Euro-ultrarich? I just don't get it.