Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Let Egypt And Jordan Govern Gaza

Clearly the Gaza situation is presently untenable. The deplorable conditions that Israel, as controller of Gaza's borders, has complicity in has led to the indefensible rocket attacks that now threaten large civilian populations. The Iranian-supplied katyusha rockets now being used by Hamas with deadly accuracy in Gaza against anxious Sderot and points beyond probably came through the broached Egyptian border. The Middle East, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, is in the hour of the Wolf.

Israel, for its part, cannot continue to traffic in the laughable fiction that the Gaza strip is governed by the Fatah Party because: a) Israel controls Gaza's border, water and electricity supply, in clear violation of international law, and, b)Hamas, a terrorist "party" is of electoral significance is not recognized by either Israel or the West, and, c) Mahmoud Abbas, who is widely discredited among Palestinians, with whom the West deals almost exclusively, is a puppet. The intransigency of Israel -- psychologically driven by their particular set of historical insecurities -- has driven Palestinians into the muscular arms of Hamas, the only strong alternative left to a subjugated, humiliated people.

And yet, How can one expect Israel to act otherwise than it is presently acting? 20,000 Israeli civilians are now at risk of falling to the Katusha rockets liberally supplied to Hamas by Ahmadinejad. No sovereign nation -- none, anyway, that promises security to its commonweal -- would be expected to show similar restraint in such a situation. It is a nightmare scenario of sheer goddam lunacy in which both sides -- the overly-bellicose Israel and the aggrieved and enraged Hamas -- are coiled in a mutually-destructive project that threatens, viciously, to engulf The West and The East into its smouldering, maniacal axis. Israel cannot govern -- or even pretend to govern -- Gaza's borders; Hamas -- a terrorist organization that refuses, quixotically, to recognize the neighboring Israel -- has proved itself by "virtue" of its attacks on civilians as not responsible enough to govern Gaza. So, what, dear readers, is the answer to the seemingly unanswerable question of the Gaza border?

Let Egypt and Jordan control the borders of Gaza until the moment where Hamas and Fatah achieve some accommodation so that Gaza can ultimately govern itself.

From The Jerusalem Post:

''Egypt and Jordan may have to temporarily take control of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank due to the Palestinian leadership's inability to curb terror activity in its territories, Pensioners' Affairs Minister Rafi Eitan, a member of the security cabinet, said on Tuesday.

"'The Palestinians don't have the internal ability to overpower the terrorist bodies within them. More and more, the Palestinians are losing their ability and entitlement to [establish] an independent Palestinian state,' Eitan told Army Radio.

"Eitan's statements come at a time when Egypt and Jordan are becoming more involved in providing for the needs of the Palestinian population.

"Egypt is reportedly considering supplying the besieged Gaza Strip with electricity.

"Meanwhile, the West Bank town of Jericho was recently connected to the Jordanian electric grid, for the first time since the Six Day War."

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