Friday, March 28, 2008

Dean Wants Closure By July 1st

While we understand how Dean is treading carefully here, trying to appear as objective as possible, he really should have put his foot down sooner. This shit is a present to Senator McCain, who is already aping Senator Hillary's campaign attacks.

Really; Obama should be addressing McCain right about now, not engaging in fisticuffs with Hillary, who has, according to Slate, a 12% chance of winning. Same with Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who secretly is an Obama supporter. And where the fuck is Al Gore? From Politico:

"A potential game-changer from CBS News and 'The Early Show.' Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean says he wants superdelegates to make a decision by JULY 1 -- the most specific he has been in his effort to prod the party to decide between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton before the Democratic National Convention in late August.

"Harry Smith asked if after the nominating contests end with the South Dakota and Montana primaries on June 3, 'Do you want the superdelegates to have some sort of vote immediately so that you'll know months in advance of the convention what the outcome is?'

"Dean replied: 'Well, I think the superdelegates have already been weighing in. I think that there's 800 of them and 450 of them have already said who they're for. I'd like the other 350 to say who they're at some point between now and the first of July so we don't have to take this into the convention.'"

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