Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Night Padma Gave Me The Evil Eye

Once, on the Upper West Side, Padma Lakshmi gave me The Evil Eye. It was evening, maybe 9 pm, about 10 years ago. As The Corsair was walking towards Central Park West we spied Salman Rushdie and Padma Lakshmi approaching. They had probably come from some event, as Lakshmi was in full glamazonian splendor -- all legs, heels and swishy dress -- hanging on Rushdie's arm flirtatiously. As The Corsair stared, perhaps a little too boldly, Padma fixed me with The Evil Eye, as if to say: You'd better not play the literary fanboy, mister; just walk away.

And just like that they passed. This was deep in the Fatwa moment, and we can't blame Padma with over protectiveness as they had no bodyguards or anything. But we cannot fail to note that even as she gave us The Stink Face, Padma was just stunning.

No wonder all the billionaires want to play with her.

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