Thursday, March 20, 2008

Odd Couple?

(image via fashionweekdaily)

Further proof that Soon-Yi has softened Woody Allen. Twenty years ago Allen would have written off the fashion world as inconsequential in the face of a meaningless existence. Now he's kissing Donatella Versace's hand. Kind of sweet. From Fashionweekdaily:

"Wherever Donatella Versace goes, loyal fans flock. The platinum-tressed maven practically had Madison Avenue at a stand-still Tuesday night when she made a rare cameo at Barneys New York to launch her spring men's wear line--a momentous comeback after a 15-year absence from the retailer's designer third floor ...Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn, meanwhile, came, took a photo, and scooted back out. 'I've been friends with Donatella for a while, and one important thing that I learned from her is to never say no to her,' said Allen."

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