Sunday, March 30, 2008

Is The Republican Party The Ticket That Imploded

The Republican Party is a curious beast, touting free-market competition while, internally, operating like an aristocratic social club. The Demorats -- pinko's all -- are, ironically far more competetive in spirit. Anyone with a lick of political sense could have predicted that former Senator Bob Dole would have his clock cleaned by Bill Clinton in 1996. It was a train wreck waiting to happen to anyone with a clear political crystal ball. George Stephanopoulos -- then a Clinton lackey, brimming with thumos -- all but celebrated as the Kansas Senator clinched the nomination, knowing what was evident.

And, let's face it: as thoroughly decent a man as George Herbert Walker Bush, 41, is, he was -- and always will be -- a lousy, bloodless politician. Remember his inability to connect with voters about "the vision thing"? The Bush, 41 rise was due to political appointments made in back rooms smelling of fine brandies and cigars. And after a career of upwards ascent, facilitated by the Republican Establishment, Poppy got his turn, and, in due course won because the Democrats picked -- through open competition -- an even bigger bloodless looser in 1988. Cause that's how the Republican Party operates. It is a vertical-based, hierarchical "Daddy Party." That's why it's McCain's turn. The Republican voters realize this, no matter how oddly undemocratic and non-free market competition as that position is. In many ways the Republican Party is the intellectual grandchild of the Federalists -- more aristocratic than small d democrat.

Isn't it odd that the Democrats, who are, according to the Republican narrative thread, anti-competition is so much more competitive in its primary process than the Republicans. No one could ever imagine the Democrats simply giving the nomination to someone because of seniority (for further reference, see: Hillary Clinton).

Will McCain, who is a decent American suffer the same fate as Bush, 41?

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