Monday, March 10, 2008

Madonna Joins Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

Madonna is being inducted tonight into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame by Justin Timberlake. That is, if you'll excuse us, a really fucking loose interpretation of Rock-and-Roll, no?

Uh, Question: What do either Justin Timberlake or Madonna have to do with the blues-infused spirit of American-British rebellion?

Neither Madonna nor Justin belong, on any level, to the Chuck Berry-Rolling Stones-Prince tribe. Justin and Madonna are bubble pop singers, which is fine, to be sure, at the lounge on a Friday night but, uh, it's not rock-and roll. Their music will not stand the test of time beyond nostalgia. Their music is carefully manufactured to make people move their asses on the weekend with an expiration date of a season or so.

Then again, this is the aging, corrupt Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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