Thursday, November 29, 2007

On The YouTube/Republican Debate

Did you catch the YouTube/Republican debate last night? How ugly was it all filled with crypto-bigotry with regards to illegal Mexican immigration. No mention of education or health care ... just disgusting blasts against illegal immigrants. As if Mexican busboys in our finer restaurants were global-level threats as dangerous as Ahmadinejad or Al Quaeda North Africa. Nice way to win the soccer mom vote, fuckheads.

Anderson "Dying Apollo" Cooper was moderating. Our favorite moment was when he sandbagged Rudy Giuliani with the Politico report of his misconduct with NYC finances and his tryst-trips.

Giuliani is really a loathsome political entity, entirely unqualified to become President. If the Republican Party woke up from it's collective miasma it would realize that a former urban Mayor with an unconcealed contempt for African-Americans does not the leader of the free world make. Other observations:

--Will someone fetch a mortician? Molasses-mouthed Fred Thompson's corpse is starting to stink up the world stage.

--What the fu-u-ck was Mitt Romney thinking about when he attacked John McCain on the subject of torture? One of the greatest weaknesses of hyperaggressive businessmen is their inability to concede that someone in the fucking world has greater knowledge than they do. And they make asses of themselves.

-Can McCain pull out New Hampshire one last time? His strategy of taking on the surging Ron Paul last night seems risky. If he antagonizes Paulites too much -- and they are a frisky, persnickety bunch -- he risks not getting their NH votes. Also: McCain's odd embrace-attack of George Bush, what's up with that. Clearly McCain wants to draw a distinction between himself and Bush but it comes across as being ... vague, especially compared to Ron Paul, the new "maverick," who easily lets drop incendiary words like "empire."

--This Ron Paul momentum. Paul's surging libertarian popularity suggests that Libertarian Republicans have had enough with the neocon crowd. Can Ron Paul win NH? Possibly. It will be either him or John McCain. Even if he wins, though, he will not get the nomination. He is too ... fringe. Now is not the Libertarian moment. Yet. Gen X, the friendliest generation to the libertarian philosophy (all that Ayn Rand in private moments in high school), is still aging.

--Will someone get Duncan "Kucinich" Hunter the fuck off the Republican debate stage? Please?

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