Thursday, November 08, 2007

Shoppers Mob Cavalli Opening

If there wasn't enough proof that the melancholy German thinker Oswald Spengler was essentially correct -- that The West is in dark, spiralling decline -- there's this. Fashionweekdaily is reporting that the entire bottom floor of the classes-to-the-masses capsule sale for Robert Cavalli paraphernalia sold out in, like, 2 goddam minutes.

And there were fucking catfights. The Corsair couldn't make this unruly shit up.

Simultaneously, the same thing happened -- although at a slower clips of 2 hours not 2 minutes -- in London and Milan. Class will tell!

Some late Roman Imperial monophonic music and wine? Sweet meats and olives? Nero at the fiddle? How decadent we have become (The Corsair sips a shy but not naive Riesling). From Fashionweekdaily:

"Margaret Baldwin, a twelve-year-old from New Jersey, lined up with her cousin, aunt, and mother at 7 p.m. last night to be the first in line. 'He's just my favorite designer! I have this one dress of his that's baby pink...I love it so much I got two of them.' Striking a pose, the pre-teen admitted, 'Really, I want to be a model. I watch America's Next Top Model to practice, but I've been too busy getting ready for this on PopSugar to watch this cycle!' Her model dreams came true as she clamored for the gold dress and fur coat, with Jessica Stam and Cavalli looking on from the escalators, safely removed from the girls screaming and clawing on the floor over Cavalli's designs."

Please kill me ... (Fashionweekdaily)

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