Thursday, November 01, 2007

Our Blog Archenemy Strikes Again

(image via gawker)

Our blog archenemy -- archfrenemy? -- Merlin Bronques, AKA, The Anti-Ron, is acting frisky, busting balls, and generally causing a ruckus on the downtown social scene, and this time we weren't there to stop him (The Corsair smacks his fist against his palm, like a superhero thwarted). From Gawker:

"Which hipster-nightlife photographer totally named Merlin Bronques threw a major hissy fit in front of the elevators at the incredibly boring Shindig party last night? 'What the fuck is your problem,' he shrieked, violently jabbing the 'down' button."

He shreiked?! We know his Kryptonite. The Corsair suggests that if you encounter "Merlin(Averted Gaze)," consider him dangerous and lightly dab tap water into his weave. Then, when he has a conniption say, dryly, "Relaxxxx... er."

That should do him.

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