Friday, November 30, 2007

The Luther Vandross Auction

The Corsair would like to take this late opportunity thank Luther Vandross for getting us laid on several occasions in our misspent youth (And special kudos to Boone's Farm wine). Something tells us that we are not alone in getting laid with the aid of "Luther (Or, Boone's Farm)." His death at such an early age was a particularly crushing loss to African-Americans of a certain generation growing up. And, less often mentioned, Vandross was an antidote to anti-gay bigotry; everyone knew about Luther, but no one said anything -- Luther was just Luthor.

This auction, we cannot fail to note, is being vastly underestimated by the press. It will almost certainly be regarded as a social event of great import (Who wouldn't want a Picasso charcoal from Luther's collection, hello?!). From the AP:

"From a Picasso charcoal drawing to diamond watches, mink coats and crystal vases, Luther Vandross lived large.

"Fans of the legendary singer, who died in 2005 at 54, will have a chance to bid on more than 1,000 items that offer a glimpse into his superstar existence.

"On Dec. 5-6, his estate will auction just about everything: his handwritten lyrics to 'Love Forgot'; the army green thermoses from which he sipped hot tea during his concerts; designer loafers and boots; Lalique crystal vases, glasses and doorknobs.

"The items come from his former homes in Beverly Hills, Calif.; Greenwich, Conn.; and New York City; and from his tours."

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