Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Janice Dickinson on ''I'm A Celebrity get Me Out of Here''

(image via thisislondon)

Apparently blabbermouth Janice Dickinson is shopping her mouthy brand of ''sellebrity'' over in the UK. We hope they keep her (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment). She was on the show ''I'm a Celebrity get Me Out of Here,'' where D-Listers do humiliating things until they cry uncle on live telebvision. Of course Dickinson, a textbook, hyper-aggresive thumotic basketcase, was filled with brash boasts of how she'd go all the way ("Born ready baby, let's do it.").

To be sure, she folded like a cheap lawn chair (Averted Gaze). In a competition against fellow D-lister ex-Eastender Marc "Who Cares" Bannerman, she was lowered -- a familiar position, I'm sure -- into a pool of eels and ... mealworms to collect gold stars. Chi-larity ensues. From thisislondon:

"The pair of them were attached to cog wheels which were lowered onto carriages full of unpleasant critters on a mini-railway line as they tried to collect stars.

But despite her boasts of self-confidence as she prepared, it all went horribly wrong for Dickinson right from the start of the challenge.

She immediately screamed I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! when faced with a carriage full of eels - yelling 'No, not with eels, no' in the first container."

'No, not with eels, no' (image via thisislondon)

"When the second carriage filled with pungent fish guts came along, she was beaten by Bannerman who collected five stars to her four."

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