Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dick Morris in ...Kenya?

Dick Morris is the man who fucked up a career as the nation's top political strategist because he felt the need to impress a hooker with a heart of tin. That, and he is unhinged when it comes to the Clinton fam (Bill did give him a slapdown). He's taking on some international freelance work. in Kenya. From ABCNews.com:

"Political consultant Dick Morris, who rose to prominence as a key adviser for President Bill Clinton and then fell from grace after a scandal involving a prostitute, has surfaced as a political consultant in an unlikely place -- Kenya.

"Leading presidential candidate Raila Odinga has brought Morris on as a consultant to help him beat incumbent President Mwai Kibaki in next month's elections. Last week Morris arrived in Kenya on a tourist visa and held a press conference saying he believed Odinga was poised to win the election.

"'I think the reason is he has a clear reputation for courage and for integrity and for change,' Morris said. 'I am delighted to be here in Kenya and to help you get rid of the corrupt government.'"


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