Saturday, November 24, 2007

Did United Artists Shelve "Pinkville" Because of ''Lions For Lambs''' Stinkville?

It is hard to imagine Robert "Mr.Sundance" Redford actually concocting a stinky fucking movie. He embodies art house film and rib-busting cinematic integrity. But that's precisely what he did in the shitty and preachy Iraqi war film "Lions for Lambs."

Maybe he's peaked? The Corsair's favorite filmmaker Ingmar Bergman quit making films when he felt he had nothing more to say ("Fanny Ohs Alexander" was the summation) and went in for the theater and novels. Wouldn't it be cool if Redford ran for the Senate -- as he has always hinted at -- in the state of Utah? From the NYTimes:

"Of course, not every movie that has been delayed supposedly because of the writers’ strike necessarily was a casualty of the strike. 'Pinkville,' the Oliver Stone project about the My Lai massacre in Vietnam, was supposed to have begun filming in Thailand in early December, and United Artists announced last weekend that it had pulled the project because of problems with the script.

"But while Bruce Willis, who had been set to star, did take issue with the script, people briefed on the project, who spoke on condition of anonymity to avoid angering the powerful industry players involved, said that the reason a replacement was not quickly found was that United Artists, badly burned on Robert Redford’s 'Lions for Lambs,' was loath to set in motion another costly war movie even as it awaits 'Valkyrie,' starring Tom Cruise as a World War II German colonel, next summer.

"Dennis Rice, United Artists’ president of marketing and publicity, said there was 'zero connection' between the decision on 'Pinkville' and the box office results of 'Lions for Lambs.' A spokesman for Mr. Willis declined to comment."

Perhaps the hyper-political Robert Redford should stop fucking preaching about the war and do something ... like run for the Senate.

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