Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Howard Stern: ''Dog The Bounty Hunter Should Have Been Around the Time of Genghis Khan''

Why is it that the above quote seems so funny and at the same time so ... accurate. We could esily imagine "Dog (Averted Gaze)" bestriding a yak, gnawing on a muttonbone, while sucking on the gristle.

Watching Dog the Bounty Hunter is like attending an advanced anthropology class. Built like a brick shithouse, Dog is not a modern man; he appears not quite psychologically equipped to handle "modern civilization." Simian, actually, is a snuger psychological sobriquet than Dog. From Marksfriggin:

"Howard said that guy Dog is very entertaining and he's going to start watching his show if they bring it back. He also said that Larry King should have him back every night to talk to him. Artie said that the guy has such a weird looking face that you can't even tell when he's crying. Artie said that the guy is clearly nuts because he's seen him on his show. He said that one second the guy will be arresting the guy and going off on him, then two minutes later he's preaching to the guy in the car. Howard said that Dog was born in the wrong era and he should have been around in the times of Ghengis Khan."

Dogg strikes me as the type of man-child that would not be entirely uncomfortable smiting fellow paleoliths with the jawbone of an ass.

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