Thursday, November 29, 2007

Do Harvard, Princeton, Yale and The NYT Love Elliot Spitzer?

Pity preppy Governor Elliot Spitzer, who won his seat by a whopping 69 percent on a mandate of spanking the fuck out of the all-boys club in Albany. *sigh* Buoyed by those historic numbers he, like our thumoeideutic President, went it alone. Without allies he attempted to strong arm the mandarins and found out that the the cigar smoke-filled corridors and the culture of Albany is even more thuggish and leathery than he imagined.

That, and his immigration-drivers licence proposal was deftly turned against him by talk radio and the editorial pages. They beat Spitzer like a red-headed stepchild. From a Vanity Fair:

"'[Spitzer] wants to do a good job,' says Hank Sheinkopf, a New York political consultant who worked on Spitzer’s first two campaigns. 'But ultimately what he really gives a shit about is whether Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and The New York Times love him, because, in the back of his brain, if they don’t love him, he’s nobody.'"

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