Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Fabio vs. Clooney

Even the birds know what to do to Fabio. (image via cnn via socialitelife)

Manbitches, the both of them (The Corsair sips a shy but not naive 1975 Chateau Mouton-Rothchild)). What self-respecting guy gets into a shoving match over pictures while dining with his sweet? And then, as if to compound the man-bitchiness, Fabio called George Clooney a "diva." From Page Six:

"On Friday, Clooney and gal pal Sarah Larsen were having dinner at L.A. eatery Madeo next to Fabio and a group of women. All was well until one of Fabio's pals started taking pictures of her friends. According to numerous eyewitnesses, Clooney, assuming the woman was taking snaps of him, asked her to stop - prompting Fabio to explain that the shots were of his group, not Clooney, and to tell the superstar, 'Stop being a diva.' Clooney started arguing back, and he and Fabio then got into a shoving match. 'The waiters broke it up before it got out of hand,' a witness told In Touch."

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