Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Independent Spirit Award Nominations

This year was a particularly good year for independent film. Could this be a foreshadowing of what is deemed Oscarworthy? Clearly, on the Indie-side, Todd Haynes is the darling. Will he -- and, more importantly: Cate Blanchett's best supporting-Oscar-worthy Dylan -- be remembered come the Oscars? From Variety:

"'I’m Not There' squeaked ahead of the pack for this year’s Spirit Award kudos with four nominations plus receiving the inaugural Robert Altman award.
Also receiving four nominations each (including best feature and director) are 'Juno,' 'The Diving Bell and the Butterfly' and 'The Savages.'

"Lisa Kudrow and Zach Braff announced the nominations Tuesday morning at the Sofitel Hotel in West Hollywood. The lighthearted duo set the tone for the day, with darker fare such as 'A Mighty Heart' and 'Lust Caution' earning three nominations each. 'Rocket Science' also landed three nods."

Also nominated (and particularly noteworthy): :2 Days in Paris' - Director: Julie Delpy (For "First Feature"); Julian Schnabel ("Director") - "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly"' Philip Seymour Hoffman ("Male Lead")- "The Savages"; Don Cheadle ("Male Lead")- "Talk To Me"; Sienna Miller - ("Female Lead") "Interview", Jennifer Jason Leigh - ("Supporting Female") "Margot at the Wedding", Marisa Tomei - ("Supporting Female") "Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead"; Adrienne Shelly - ("Screenplay") "Waitress", Kelly Masterson - ("First Screenplay") "Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead"; Crazy Love" - ("Documantary") Director: Dan Klores.

Some amazing performances and films.

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