Friday, January 30, 2004

Victoria Gotti Gets It Wrong

I hope the Gotti family doesn't come after me for this (performs a Capriole, dodging swingling meat hook). I really do. I am paranoid enough having just published a compendium of the Bush Twins' underage drinking exploits without having to worry about a swarthy Sicilian man, sucking on a horsetooth, accosting me as I order my life-giving Cutty Sark from the neighborhood lounge.

A lot of journos make mistakes -- I know I have. The Cindy Margolis-Tara Reid catfight comes to mind, which, apparently, never happened, although The Corsair blogged overheatedly about what a sexy thing it would be (sorry). If only one could wish something so hard that it would actually be ...

Anyhoo: for Victoria Gotti -- incidentally, what are her qualifications to be editor at American Media's Red Carpet? I mean: other than a sordid last name -- to publish an uncorroborated interview with JLo is beyond th pale: it's just wrong on so many levels.

I am stunned but not surprised that the New York media circuit is so silent on this matter. Well, God Bless Page Six for taking it on, anyway.

Maybe we just do not think of Gotti as a Jayson Blair because The Star is only a celebrity rage and not The Old Gray Lady. Maybe it is because Gotti (performs a rapid demi-pointe, then a side demi-pointe, gently extracting head from a vice) did it only one time and she is very new to this game and is busy with her reality show on A & E (fuck! Remember when A & E used to fun first class French art house flics?).

Page Six reports:

"'Obviously, they did not have a sit-down interview to get two sentences. And obviously Victoria is in New York and J.Lo is in Los Angeles . . . [but] Victoria got the information in a stand-up way that was fact-checked and legaled.' Sources say Gotti wrung an innocuous quote out of the Lopez camp by pleading that she was under tremendous pressure from her notoriously tough boss, Star editorial director Bonnie Fuller, to come up with scoops.'"

So maybe there is a lesson in there to Bonnie "The Slavedriver" Fuller, and to organizations like The Daily News, which made the quote the basis for a cover story, and maybe it is a lesson to Victoria Gotti (performs a sequito grave a tordiglione, thereby avoiding a flying baseball bat)

Now, please don't have me sleep with the fishies?

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