Thursday, January 29, 2004

Angie, Pam Anderson and Howard

It was quite the threesome this morning on The Howard Stern Radio Show!

Stern, who has lately taken to boasting on air that he has taken over Barbara Walter's position at ABC, was in rare form today, reliving make out sessions in studio with two former Playboy Playmates.

First up was hottie Angie Everhart, who was on promoting her lingerie bowl superbowl halftime special.

As quick as Rudy Giuliani dropped his bad combover as a result of his newfound 9-11 street cred, Stern moved on to his relationship with the ex model. Apparently, Stern took a page out of Sean Penn's *alleged* bondage incident involving his then-wife Madonna ... *allegedly*.

Stern admitted to tying Everhart up and then leaving her alone in a hotel room. "You were bad," said Stern, by way of explanation. As the show progressed, Everhart hinted that she was not quite pleased about the incident. "I think I used scarves," the shock jock explained.

Everhart later said of her relationship with Stern, "it was tender ... except for that tying up thing." And concluding, "I got a wonderful friend (out of the relationship), I have no regrets."

And then came erstwhile Jane Magazine columnist Pam Anderson.

Show producer Gary Dell'abate interrupted Angie and Howard to say that Anderson, an animal rights activist, has spotted Everhart's fur lined Gucci coat in the green room.
"The b-word might have been used," offered Dell' abate.
"That's all right," replied Everhart,"she can be mad at me... she wears leather soled shoes, doesn't she"

And with that, Anderson was quickly ushered into the studio. "(furriers) anally electrocute animals, and they're not even dead and they skin them," explained the former Playmate, in a stream of consciousness.

"I have four dogs, a cat and a horse and knowing that, it hurts," replied Everhart, also a former Playmate.

But it was all good between the three after peace and animal rights were asserted on all sides, and the two realized that they had Howard Stern in common. Pam quickly asked about the sex.

"What's it like?" asked Pam.

"Good," replied Everhart, girl-to-girl and 10 million listeners.

"We kissed," replied Pam.

"--No tongue," added Howard.

"I'll remember it forever," concluded Pam, wistfully, "because he'll never let me forget."

And all this before my morning coffee.

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