Monday, April 25, 2005

Rosie O'Donnell Versus Rob Burnett


Above: Rosie rocking the signature Wolverine (TM) hairdo.

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According to the NYPost, serial aggroblogger Rosie O'Donnell and former Late Night with David Letterman Show producer, Rob Burnett got into a spot of the old "rough and tumble" over her blog:

"The beef with Letterman stretches back to when he was unexpectedly hospitalized in January 2000 for heart-bypass surgery."

You know what they say: Opportunity never blocks -- heart arteries -- twice.

"On her Web site, O'Donnell recalls 'a casual aside' she made to the head of CBS, Les Moonves, on the day the Letterman news broke.

"'If u r stuck for a host lemme know ? i am here. the end,' she wrote on the personal Web site,, where she writes in the abbreviated, uncapitalized style of some weblogs."

What other weblogs do that? Prince's? The Post article continues:

"Two days later, she claims, Rob Burnett ? Letterman's then-executive producer who now runs Dave's production company, World Wide Pants ? called.

"'Hello rob, i said and off he went: how dare i try to steal dave's gig by calling les,' O'Donnell wrote.

"'You are not a friend of the letterman show ? rosie . . . we don't need your help rosie.' click."

Hmm. The plot thickens:

"O'Donnell went on to write that she had been asked to come on the show this week ? apparently to promote a 'Hallmark Hall of Fame' special (Ed Note: Averted Gaze) she is starring in next Sunday night.

"'I don't see how i can,' she wrote. 'I doubt i would be comfy as the you are not a friend of the letterman show, tape would run on a loop' through her mind, she says.

"'I don't know how to respond to something that never happened,' Burnett said yesterday. 'And the last thing I want to do is get into a fight with a powerful celebrity who has a blog read by tens of people.'"

To be continued.

And, as the frisson a la Burnett wasn't enough, she alienates in today's post Donald Trump's hair:

"what is the secret with his hair /
i think he had the back part of his scalp /
near his neck /
removed (like a 2 inch strip)
and then had it sewn
on the crown of his head
so it's kinda growing
only upside down"

Really, Rosie


Anonymous said...

the hairstyle is more like Marvel comics Shi'ar princess Deathbird

muebles salamanca said...

Goodness, there is a lot of useful data here!