Thursday, April 28, 2005

Orlando Bloom's Braxillian Lax


Although he appeared in two of the highest-grossing motion pictures in film history, elvin prettyboy Orlando Bloom, apparently, doesn't feel the need to pay his dinner bills, according to the 3AM Girls:

"When the Lord Of The Rings star was handed a ($760) bill after treating his on-off girlfriend Kate Bosworth to a slap-up birthday meal - he couldn't use his flexible friend.

"Thanks to a problem with the restaurant's machine, 28-year-old Orlando was unable to settle up that night and left the restaurant promising to settle up later.

"But that was in January. So far, absent-minded Orlando's outstanding debt seems to have slipped his mind ..."

This is surprising news on many fronts: one, The Corsair was not aware that Kate Bosworth actually eats food. We thjought she survived on freshly picked clovers and morning dew. Second, that a millionaire Hollywood actor would pull something akin to a "dine and dash" in Brazil. Third, that Orlando "What Happens in Dubai, stays in Dubai" Bloom would allow things to progress this far:

"Orlando - currently making two sequels to Pirates Of The Caribbean as well as promoting Kingdom Of Heaven - had whisked starlet Kate to Brazil for her 22nd birthday.

"As part of the treat, he generously arranged for 30 of their closest pals to join them at the trendy Casaro Amarelo restaurant for a lavish five-hour meal.

"A fellow diner tells us, 'Orlando and Kate were in a big group. They ordered lots of food and wine, and were singing and dancing by the end of the meal."

Come on, Kate Bosworth ate a meal? You expect The Corsair to believe that?

"'Charlize Theron and her boyfriend were with the group and were really enjoying themselves. You could see Kate and Orlando only had eyes for each other.

"'But at the end of the night, when Orlando tried to pay the bill, the restaurant's machine was playing up.'

"The Canterbury-born movie hunk, who commands �3m a film, left staff in no doubt he would settle up later.

"Owner Fe Behling, who has run the restaurant for three years, has yet to see the colour of Orlando's money - even though she knows it is just an oversight."

An oversite remedied in the form of a scoop to the 3AM Girls, no doubt.

"She tells us, 'Yes, it's true. Orlando was here with Kate and about 30 people in early January.

"There was a problem with our credit card system that night. It wasn't his fault - he did his best to pay the bill at the time.

"He told us he didn't have a personal email account and so took our address.

"'And although we're sure it's a complete misunderstanding and know he's very busy, we've yet to hear from him.'"

We're fairly sure that you'll hear from him now, though "Fe."

"Fe adds, 'Orlando had come in the day before to make the reservation - he wanted it to be a surprise for Kate. He hired a local band who sang Happy Birthday to her.

"'He was very sweet and romantic. He brought a big cake with him, we provided the candles and also sang Happy Birthday too.'"

Kate "Count My Ribs" Bosworth actually ate cake?

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