Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Governator: Metternichian Freak

"You kids are soft, you lack discipline, well I got news for you, you're mine now.. YOU BELONG TO ME! You're not going to have your mom's behind you anymore to wipe your little tushies! Oh no... It's time now to turn this mush into muscles. No more complaining"
--kindergarten Cop


Above: Austria's Prince Metternich: Schwarzenegger Manque? (image via Kulmbach.net)

According to Hello!Magazine, Arnold Schwarzenegger has a touch of MittelEuropean clean freak issues about him:

"Having a spotless reputation is all important in the world of politics, but California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is taking cleanliness to new extremes.

"Indeed the Terminator star is so passionate about living an unsullied life that he burns any dirty clothes he finds lying about the house."

Ah, the discreet charm of the bourgeoisie.

"Arnie's wife Maria Shriver has revealed that her A-list hubby takes the housework just as seriously as winning elections. Should any of their four children neglect their chores, they are promptly banned from seeing friends.

"'He's strict about laundry,' said Maria. 'I go 'Arnold, you're running the state ? don't worry about the laundry, but he will call me from the Capitol asking 'Have they done the laundry? If I come home and they haven't done the laundry, I'm telling you, there'll be no play dates'."

This sounds like the perfect commercial for Laudryspa. (full disclosure: The Corsair's brother is a founder of this wonderful company)

"'He goes around the house taking the kids' clothes that they leave. He throws things in the fire or he hides things and they don't ever get them back. And he is serious about it ? I am scared to death too.'"

Okay, now this is a little freaky. This sounds more like "Leave it to Metternich," than a domestic situation.

"The no-nonsense politician appears to take an equally dim view of energy wastage. 'If you don't turn out the lights he takes the bulbs out,' revealed his 48-year-old wife. 'He goes We have an energy crisis ? the children have no respect for the energy!'."


Austro-Prussian discipline: The influences of Sigmund Freud


Anonymous said...

At least Arnold has enough money to pay for the children's therapy bills later in life..

That's somewhat comforting.

Anonymous said...

Equally shocking is Maria's Kennedy wife-esque passivity. What would it take to get her to say, "hey, this is a little weird here?"