Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Macaulay Culkin, the $17 Million Man

How cool is Macaulay Culkin? The Culc is Kool and the Gang with The Corsair, even if he did have a rather dodgy relationship with Michael Jackson. But we'll just pretend it never happened. Like make believe. Check out this interview from Rolling Stone, June 10, 2004:

"'I have all the F.U.M that you could ask for,' Macaulay says. That's 'Fuck You Money.' Culkin's bank account amounts to an estimated $17 million. So, he emphasizes, his recent return to acting has not been for cash or fame -- he has a surplus of both. He had fully intended for his retirement to be permanent, after Ric=hie Rich, in 1994, but realized that acting was fun and it came naturally to him. He likes the idea of making one good movie a year."

An indie actor who has no ambitions beyond making interesting films? How cool is Culkin? (sips his glass of Cutty Sark)This cool:

"... If somebody came to Culkin and told him they were thinking of taking their kid on auditions, would he recommend it? 'It creates a very odd dynamic if the kid starts getting paid more than you,' he says. 'In my case, it took a couple of years to get over being the family breadwinner. I was lucky. I was on the auditioning circuit for only about a year. But you see some jaded twelve year olds .."

One can only imagine ... How come Paper hasn't had this guy on the cover? And The New York Times done a Sunday Styles article on him. You heard it here folks: Mac Culkin is officially cool.


Shaw Israel Izikson said...

It's scary though that it seems as if his face hasn't aged. He needs some gruff on that face, or maybe some male pattern baldness will help . . .

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