Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Being Fisher Stevens

Imagine that you are Fisher Stevens. That would mean that you are an accomplished stage actor who is respected by his peers. You are popular with all the right people. You were executive producer of the critically acclaimed "In The Bedroom." But no matter what you do, how many awards you win, every mention of you in the gossip pages involves the fact that you are a former paramour of Michelle Pfeiffer.

The Corsair is a modern man, and there is no shame in the game of being called Mr. Celebrity Ex Diva, but, man to man, that has got to hurt you in the solar plexus. You know, all dark night of the soul, alone in your bedroom contemplating -- that sort of shit. Fisher Stevens is accomplished. If he were a better looking man (who are we kidding, if he were a good looking man), Stevens would have been thrust into the floddlights of Tinseltown. Alas, that was not the case; and so he is, for all intensive purposes, in every gossip column, for the duration of his time on this planet, "the guy who dated Michelle Pfeiffer."

Life, John Kennedy once said, is not fair.

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