Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Luke Wilson Is Adapting Jim Lehrer's Book For A Film

(image via enquirer)

PBS' Jim Lehrer of The Newshour, who will be moderating the first presidential debate on Friday, wrote the novel "White Widow" in 2000. Fellow Texan (and Hollywood star) Luke Wilson, Lehrer told The Imus in the Morning Show, has adapted the novel into a screenplay soon to be in a theater near you. From Publisher's Weekly:

"This 10th novel from renowned anchorman Lehrer (The Last Debate; The Sooner Spy) trades journalism and Washington politics for the flat highways of 1950s Texas, where Jack T. "On Time" Oliver drives a Trailways bus between Houston and Corpus Christi-until his overactive imagination begins to shake his simple world apart. Lehrer fills this wistful tale with interesting details of bus line procedures and legends, the most central being the eponymous 'White Widow,' every bus driver's ultimate dream woman who comes aboard and changes his life."

Also, Imus asked Lehrer if he was going to ask any financial crisis questions during the PBS debate in Mississippi on national security. "I'm going to go with my professional instincts and we'll see what happens," he replied, noting that the debate rules did not inherently restrict him from asking about the crisis.

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Anonymous said...

White Widow is a terrific story that should make a wonderful film. I thank Imus for turning me on to the book in the first place, and now for tipping us off about the movie.

Tom Teuber
Madison, WI