Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Emily Stern: I Can't Tell You How Shattering Howard Stern Divorce Was On Me

Emily Stern, the actress and eldest daughter of radio shock jock Howard Stern is quite honest. Almost over-honest. In 2006, Emily, who takes after her rebel father, appeared nude in the off-Broadway play "Kabbalah." Her father, fearful that his enemies would snap pictures of his daughter -- like he has done to so, so many young women over the years -- begged Emily to quit the show, which she did, causing the show to close.

Emily Stern is back, and talking this time about Howard's divorce and the effects on her psyche. Curiously, Stern makes these comments on the cusp of Howard's upcoming nuptials to model Beth Ostrosky. Hmm. Just putting that out there. From The Jewish Journal:

She further felt lost then, she said, because her parents had recently divorced: 'All the time there was my dad on the radio with women, doing whatever, I had such a strong knowingness and belief in my parents' marriage,' she said. 'The loss of that bond between mother and father -- I can't tell you how shattering that was.'

Asked if she foresaw the divorce, the actress responded, 'Living this character on the radio, there's only so much you can say, 'It's not me' before you embody it -- I think that's a bit of what happened." She said she has come to understand that her father has been in the process of "integrating all selves," which is important for every person to do."

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Thomas said...

she sounds nonsensical and self absorbed, like dad