Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kate Moss' Drunken Night

Allegra Versace can't hang.

It is probably not a good idea to empty glasses of vodka and champagne if you weigh a wispy buck and change. Or maybe it is a good idea, if you go are going for that semi-conscious look. Kate Moss, clearly, likes to party. We don't begrudge the supermodel/MILF; we hate neither the playa nor the game. And who among us doesn't like pictures of drunk supermodels?

Johnny Depp, formerly Kate's fiance, once described to Vanity Fair one of the supermodel's best "assets" as her "highwater booty ('She's got that high water booty,' he brags. 'A high-water booty is important...And feet..') That booty was on display, tabledancing, at london's Fashion Week. From Thisislondon:

"It took two of her favourite things to get Kate, 34, to make her first appearance during Fashion Week: Vivienne Westwood and Punk nightclub's Smash And Grab night.

"Her evening began at Brompton Hall in Earls Court for Vivienne's catwalk show and the afterparty at 33 Portland Place in Mayfair, before heading briefly to Vogue's party at the nearby Brown's Hotel.

"But the real partying began when she hooked up with her 56-year-old buddy Sir Philip Green, his wife Christina and Allegra Versace, the daughter of designer Donatella.

"They took a VIP table at Punk in Soho, where they all laid into bottles of vodka with cranberry and orange mixers.

"Sir Phil called it a night at 1.30am, kissing his finger and putting it to Kate's lips. His wife Christina then playfully slapped his hand for his outrageous antics.

"With the oldies out of the way,Kate really let her hair down, heading to Bungalow 8 in Covent Garden.

"Our spy tells us: 'Kate seemed pretty drunk and was having a great time. She was sitting right next to the DJ booth, and after a few more vodka cocktails and glasses of champagne she stood up and started dancing on the seats. She began dancing with one guy who shoved his head between her legs. She laughed and seemed like she was loving it."

The party's over ..


littlejudy said...

One of my father's four rules of drinking was to stick to one choice of liquor for the night (i.e. if you start with a vodka tonic, you don't switch to champagne later in the evening.) I know it sounds boring, but I've only gotten sick or hungover on the few times I've broken his rules.

Ron said...

Me too. I call it cocktail conformity. That whole "beer before .." is just too confusing.