Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nina Garcia: "(At The Hearst Building) They Hand-Make The Sushi Every Day There For You!"

(image via coxnewsweb)

At Saks Fifth Avenue on Wednesday before her book signing Nina Garcia, former Elle fashion director and Project Runway judge, talked with Fashionweekdaily's Emily Gyben about her present, ehr, transitional period:

"Garcia's experiencing another dramatic transition in her life right now: after spending the summer filming Project Runway ('It's going to be great, prepare!,' she said) and taking vacations in Europe and her native Colombia, she's starting her new job as fashion director of Marie Claire on Tuesday.

"'Marie Claire is a magazine that's rich in information and it's very passionate about women's issues. It always keeps fashion very beautiful and practical,' she said of the new gig. 'I just want to expand on the fashion.' One more perk of working in the gorgeous Hearst building? 'Sushi! They hand-make the sushi every day there for you! It's very nice.'"

Why did Garcia leave Elle anyway? Did we ever get a definitive answer on that one?

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