Friday, August 29, 2008

Jen Aniston Headed To 30 Rock?

(image via adrants)

We are all Team Aniston now. Actually, we rather like Jen Aniston at present. An embarrassing media episode with a robust douchebag like John Mayer brings together -- no pun intended -- strange bedfellows. Aniston is finally focusing more on her career than high-profile romance. And it is bringing her together with two high-quality prestige projects: 1) An unnamed Woody Allen joint, and 2) quite possibly -- mirabile dictu! -- 30 Rock, the funniest show on television hands down. From OK!:

"It's been more than four years since Jennifer Aniston and the cast of Friends said goodbye to adoring TV audiences around the world. But OK! has learned that Jen is in talks with NBC to make a brief return to the network that made her famous.

"'She's in talks to have a guest spot on one of their high-profile shows,' says the insider. "The top choice is 30 Rock, but if that doesn't work out, they'll try to find another show for her to make an appearance on."

"A rep for NBC told OK! they were unable to confirm the story at this time."

30 Rock and a Woody Allen film? Who is her agent and does she/he represent bloggers?

We cannot wait to see a possible Aniston scene with the Tina "I'm-Not-The-Governor-Of-Alaska" Fey.

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