Friday, August 29, 2008

Mo Rocca: Being Oprah's BFF Has Got To Be Hard For Gayle

(image via imnotobsessed)

Mo Rocca, who, in a just world, would be given a late-night talk program on network TV, was on NPR this morning with The Brian Lehrer Show. He spoke on the subject of Oprah and last night's convention. He said:

"Being Oprah's best friend has got to be the highest pressure job in the world, because if your phone rings you can't put it on buzzer, you've got to pick it up because it's Oprah. I'd like to be Gayle's Best Friend."

Rocca also said, "McCain/Palin ... isn't such a bad pick because McCain is kind of pale." Should McCain, in all his multivitamin-lacking paleness, be put asunder post-Labor Day?

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