Friday, August 29, 2008

Cindy McCain's Half Sister Is Voting For Obama

(image via Ted Robbins/NPR)

Last night the Dems hit McCain hard, contrasting almost violently with the senior Senator from Arizona's almost stately pre-taped congratulatory message, and tying him with adamantine ropes to the Bush/Cheney millstone. Democrats have been waiting 8 years -- no thanks to the soft-gloved debate performances of Kerry and Gore -- for someone to really lay the smack down on the Republican Party. Eight years of pent-up political frustration is, to paraphrase Freud, not a good thing. This is hardball people, for the future of the country and, by default, the future of the planet. And so, from Us Magazine, by way of catharsis:

"Cindy McCain's half sister is planning on voting for Barack Obama, she tells

"'I'm not voting for McCain,' Kathleen Hensley Portalski tells Us. 'I have a different political standpoint.

"'I'm voting for Obama,' the Phoenix resident says. 'I think his proposals to improve the country are more positive and I'm not a big war believer.'

"Portalski, 65, and the potential first lady, 54, have the same father: Jim Hensley, the founder of the beer distributor Hensley and Co. that Cindy McCain now chairs."

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