Friday, August 29, 2008

Jason Calacanis: Spending Money On A PR Firm Is A Waste

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Just got a Twitter from our old boss, the always interesting Jason Calacanis, who is chiming in on the PR is Dead meme. Apparently PR giant Richard Edelman of Edelman Public Relations, who controversially used ethically-challenged bloggers in the fake blog -- "flog" -- scandal has been caught moderating comments on his own blog. Jason writes, in part, via Flickr:

".. I know you've PR 2.0-ed Edelman and you've got a blog (yes!) and some of your folks are using Twitter (wow!), but the fact is the days of PR are numbered. Folks are realizing that spending $15-20k a month on a PR firm is a total waste of money. Better to hire a $40k blogger for your company, and spend the rest on going to a couple of events and being a real human -- as opposed to some PR creation.

"The best PR is no PR.

"Be yourself, be authentic and do great things. If you do that you don't need a PR firm.

"If you're lame and inauthentic? Well, then hire Edelman to make you a fake blog like they did for Walmart."

The full, brutal letter here.

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