Monday, July 23, 2012

Will Susan Rice Be The Next Secretary of State?

David Ignatius dropped a bit of a bombshell on The Chris Matthews Show on Sunday -- hosted by Chuck Todd. The conventional wisdom in Washington is that long-suffering Senator John Kerry, who has been lobbying for the job since the President took office, is the frontrunner after Hillary steps down should  he be re-elected. Ignatius says that there are people in the Obama administration pushing for UN Ambassador Susan Rice to replace Hillary. Let's face it: Kerry has been on a dry run for the job since 2008.

Interesting. Hillary, incidentally, may or may not run for President in 2016 depending on whether her pal Terry McAuliffe wins the governorship of Virginia in 2013. Virginia is, of course, the new bellewether state -- along with Ohio -- after Missouri went for McCain over Obama in 2008.

That concludes this week's episode of political musical chairs, the Democrat edition.

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