Monday, July 09, 2012

Appreciating: La Grenouille

image via NYTimes

Our favorite social chronicler -- bar none -- David Patrick Columbia waxes poetic about La Grenouille, which has been a mainstay of Manhattan fine dining since it opened its doors in 1962. From NYSocialDiary:

"On Saturday night, I was a guest of friends at La Grenouille, the great French restaurant on East 52nd Street between Fifth and Madison which has been in the same family (the Massons) since it opened in the early 1960s. I was surprised, when my friends extended the invitation, to learn that Grenouille was open on a Saturday night in July, for it is famous for its sophisticated and often worldly clientele who are very often away from the city on weekends and especially in this part of the summer. I was even more surprised to see that not only was it open but that it was busy.

"Many guests were, no doubt, also visitors to the city on their way to or from distant capitals and watering holes. La Grenouille is one of the last, perhaps the very last of the great international restaurants in New York, where there remains a dress code which, if not enforced, is understood by anyone with their eyes open. As a result, all aspects of the dining experience – the menu, the service, the d├ęcor – with the corresponding flowers to enhance it all – appeal to the simple aesthetic of beauty."

The 49-year old rmidtown restaurant is considered the last great french restaurant in the city.  More here.

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