Monday, July 02, 2012

Alec Baldwin Still Has Anger Issues

Don't hate on Jack Donaghy. Alec Baldwin may one day become a Congressman representing the eastern tip of Long Island. Or, Mayor of New York, post 30 Rock (New Yorkers, since Giuliani, since Bloomberg, are far more indulgent towards self-made iconoclasts than doughy local pols). Or he may just as well end up killing a papparazi. Multitudinous are his personas; Borborygmous are his rages. From Vanity Fair:
"Baldwin, who recently got into an altercation with a Daily News photographer, is the first to admit he’s had a volatile past, acknowledging that he often 'gave the Heisman' to people in Hollywood, sometimes 'unreasonably' and 'childishly.' When Purdum asks Baldwin where he thinks his anger comes from, the actor launches into a long description of the perversity of the industry he works in: 'You know, Hollywood does draw some very strange characters, and then the power of Hollywood and what they can do with it becomes like a blood sport to them.' Then he returned to the frustrations and injustices of his child-custody case. He outlined vivid fantasies of the gruesome ways in which he might have murdered his wife’s lawyer ('with a baseball bat') or Harvey Levin, the TMZ producer who posted the embarrassing voice mail Baldwin left for his daughter: 'I wanted to stick a knife in him and gut him and kill him and I wanted him to die breathing his last breath looking into my eyes.'"
Have you ever watched TMZ? The utterly vapid chatter, the soulless, seedy "journalists" valorized and, of course, Harvey Levin, the proto-lawyer, like a cultural vampyr, sucking on that oversized sippy cup with his smug, stupid fuckface?
How could anyone fault Baldwin for wanting to witness Levin's dying last gasp? Baldwin for congress!

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