Thursday, July 05, 2012

Blair Sabol on Anderson Cooper Coming Out

We've heard just about every argument for and against Anderson Cooper's coming out announcement. But in NYSocialDiary today Blair Sabol has one of the most passionate and skeptical arguments against the whole culture of coming out as being a matter of prime importance in these rough economic war times.
"Didn't we already know? Hadn't Kathy Griffin already outed Anderson Cooper on their CNN New Years Eve show years ago? Didn't we get his 'message' when he donned his tight black Tee-shirt and stood with his pumped pecs and buffed biceps akimbo, reporting from the smoldering ruins of Haiti.

"Didn't I already hear about 'Andy's gayness' at every gym juice bar when he first uttered 'keeping it real' on Anderson 360? Then again we had Geraldo Riviera in the same tight black Tee-shirt reporting from the same Haitian location. However all Geraldo ever did was write a book about the many women he slept with all those years he was "Eye Witnessing" at ABC News. Not the same? Or is it?
"People have commented how wonderful it was for Cooper to 'courageously come out' and what a 'great example he set.' For whom? For what? NO one watches CNN anymore. More importantly is Cooper the new Cronkite? Not so long ago I remember reading Cooper's standard party line: 'I want to report the news. I don't want to be the news.' So much for getting above the material.
"Rome is burning," says Sabol. More here.

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