Thursday, July 12, 2012

Peace in the Middle East?

After listening to this unproductive conversation yesterday, I was deeply skeptical that any sort of peace could be achieved in the Middle East during my lifetime. But this post, from our favorite social chronicler, in NYSocialDiary left me in a more optimistic mood about that prospect:
"Last weekend in the Hamptons Joan and George Hornig hosted an intimate evening with a cocktail hour and concert performance by the Polyphony Youth Orchestra, a group of young Arab and Jewish musicians from Nazareth. Polyphony was founded in 2011 by renowned concert violinist Nabeel Abooud-Ashkar, Craig Cogut (Founder and Managing Partner of Pegasus Capital), and Deborah Cogut (Lawyer and Civic Leader) to bring equal opportunity to Arab youth in Israel and help bridge the divide between the Arab and Jewish communities, by using music to transcend the social boundaries, humanities, and the arts, which they believe is essential to creating tolerant,societies and encouraging dialogue between both communities.

The evenings concert, which was held in the Hornig's restored barn, was introduced by Inside the Actors Studio host, James Lipton."
More here.

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