Friday, July 06, 2012

Is Tom Cruise Really So Evil?

The tabloids in New York -- and, it seems, everywhere -- are busy with the narrative Tom is evil, Katie is virtuous. And that, clearly, sells copies. Cruise isn't nearly as popular as he once was (Rock of Ages underperformed).  Liz Smith on NYSocialDiary adds a corrective interpretation:
"... WHICH LEADS us to the conundrum of Tom Cruise. Tom doesn’t smoke (anything) drink, or carouse with hookers. He has never assaulted a woman or been accused of such a thing. He takes care of himself, he has not dissipated. He is still, according to Forbes magazine, the highest paid actor in the world. And yet, on the front pages of the newspapers, Tom is the devil, scaring poor Katie Holmes so much that she has to have a ring of bodyguards surrounding her when she ventures out. What’s Tom crime? He’s a control freak who belongs to the mysterious and controversial Church of Scientology. Okay, maybe that’s not pleasant to live with, but the public seems to find his driven personality and religious/spiritual beliefs a lot more unsavory than anything Charlie Sheen does.
"I guess bad boys do get more breaks, somehow.  
"As for Miss Holmes, she will be fine. She’s made her point, with her bodyguard photos, and the bits of business that have slipped out; her fears for Suri, etc. Nobody is going to be kidnapped or forced to do anything they don’t want to do. She’s been clever. I suppose she’s had to be. 
"Let’s not forget, she knew exactly what she was getting into. It’s not like Tom became a Scientologist during their marriage. There were plenty of warning signs. But Miss Holmes was in love or lust or infatuated with his image and the attention he showered on her. And so it has come to this sorry pass."
 Something to think about outside the prevailing media narrative. More here.

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