Monday, July 16, 2012

George Gurley and Hilary Heard Got Married

If you, like me, has read over the years George Gurley chronicling his relationship with Hillary Heard in the pages of the salmon-colored weekly, this will be good news. From NYSocialDiary:

"George Gurley and Hilary Heard got married last Monday at the City Hall/Municipal Building in Brooklyn. Finally. The only other person there was the photographer they hired the night before – “a nice guy” named Steven Heo who also was their witness. After the ceremony George and Hilly went to the River CafĂ© for a magnificent lunch.

"This completes the first chapter of the couple’s life together. Most of it has already become a book, George and Hilly; The Anatomy of a Relationship, ('a brutally honest, Laugh-out-loud funny, true account of six years of couples therapy'), written by George. Later George proposed to Hilly at a party at Doubles in front of a couple hundred friends and family – covered here at the NYSD. They moved in together a long time ago – maybe five or seven years ago, so it’s not a case of the bride and groom just getting to know each other.

"George is an intrepid reporter who can turn anything into a news account and even make the dullest dullard into someone fascinating. He is also innovative with his talent, hence the couples therapy and the book that followed. Hilly, whom I don’t know quite as well, is fine with all of it. She is Senior Manager of Public Relations for Bulgari and she loves her job and she’s perfect for it."
It seems as if this blogger has been reading about them for years. Actually, the column -- chronicling their couples therapy -- lasted once a week for 40 months. The articles were startlingly honest and quite charming. Congrats to both. More here.

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