Thursday, July 05, 2012

Prison Consultant to Sandusky: Take Self Defense

The Daily asked several prison cunsultants -- and, yes, there is such a thing -- advice on how convicted child abuser Jerry Sandusky could avoid the slings and arrows of outrageous beatings. Inmates, as we know, can be crafty in avoiding the rules. And even though, ideally, there should be no such things as beatings and rapes in prison, such things occur with alarming frequency. Eric Raffin told The Daily:
“'I’d say, Make sure you are very respectful of others’ opinions of your crimes.’
Just how receptive Sandusky would be to a little inside knowledge about life in the big house is anybody’s guess, though Raffin doubts he would be too keen on it.
“''Some guys are very amenable to coaching. Some of these guys are not,' he said. 'I think Sandusky is pretty delusional about what he did. That’s a recipe for disaster.'
Another prison consultant, also an ex-con, doesn’t think any amount of coaching will change what Sandusky stands to face in prison.
“'Any advice I can give him doesn’t mean a hill of beans,' said Jimmy Tayoun, a former Philadelphia city councilman who got his start in the consulting game by offering advice through a 1-900 number. 'This guy’s gonna get punched around, screwed around. He’ll be a sex object just to terrorize him.'
"Prison consultant Doug Schwartz, a former special operations soldier who did four years for extortion, would advise Sandusky to take the self-defense course that he teaches.

“'It’s very, very aggressive hand-to-hand combat,' said Schwartz, whose Prison Preparation Inc. is based in New York.
Yikes. More here.

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