Saturday, July 21, 2012

Alexander Soros Grows Up

Ever since reading Shakespeare's cycle of Henry V, I have been a sucker for a good redemption tale. The youth, misspent, transformed into an honorable life. What could be better than that existentially? From the Gray Lady:
"Four years ago, Alexander Soros, the son of the billionaire financier and philanthropist George Soros, made an unwitting public debut when Cityfile, a digital who’s who of New York society, dredged up party photos from his Facebook page. They showed the 22-year-old heir 'chilling at dad’s house in Southampton, drinking 40s while cruising on the family boat, and making out with the babes.'
"It was an embarrassment within the family, but also a lesson. 'My mom was like, ‘Welcome to being a Soros,’' he recalled.
"Right now, the name Alex Soros is popping up again in gossip columns. But this time, Mr. Soros welcomes the publicity.
"He made his official debut on the New York social circuit earlier this month when he was a host of his first major party, for Global Witness, the swashbuckling British organization known for exposing Africa’s 'blood diamond' trade."
 Alex grew up in a duplex on Fifth Avenue angry at his father, who wasn't really around much. He grew closer to the financial adventurer in his teens, went to NYU, read Nietzche and Beaudrillard and, it would appear, became a man of some consequence. One of the good apples that didn't let inherited wealth destroy him or his sense of justice. More here.

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