Thursday, July 10, 2008

The West And The East: And Never The Twain Shall Meet

When Mrs. Rupert Murdoch meets Barry Diller, the Power -- and the Cool -- shifting silently from West to East seems oh-so-awkwardly pronounced (Averted Gaze). Witness: Their meeting on a Road Less Travelled down Sun Valley Way. From The HollywoodReporter's Dan Cox:

"Several hundred major media execs at Herb Allen's annual retreat in this remote Northwest niche thought they could get away from it all ..

"... IAC chairman Barry Diller had been keeping a low profile at the conference until he almost ran over Rupert Murdoch's wife Wendy on his bicycle.

"'Where are you going, Wendy?' he asked.

"'I'm going to get some yoga pants,' she replied.

"'What are yogurt pants?' Diller queried.

"'No, yoga pants -- you know, to do yoga in,' she said.

"'Yogurt pants,' Diller persisted.

"Murdoch turned and went on her way."

We imagine that's Wendy's way of doing a Corsair-ish "Averted Gaze."

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