Monday, July 28, 2008

Operation: Barr Tab

This blogger, sickened by Rush Limbaugh's "Operation: Chaos," which may or may not have influenced the Texas primary (and quite possibly Ohio and Indiana) in favor of Senator Clinton -- and thus lengthening the Democratic primary process -- is fed up. We're mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.

So, in retaliation, The Corsair presents OPERATION: BARR TAB, in which we help fund former Congressman and Libertarian Presidential candidate Bob Barr. You see, the better Barr does -- especially in Georgia and possibly Nevada -- the worse Senator John McCain does. Join The Corsair to, so to speak, keep that Barr fully stocked.

Donate to the Bob Barr for President campaign here. Barr doesn't stand a snowball's chance in Hell .. but he may get some sweet substantial turnout in the county of Helena.

Last call on the Barr Tab is November 4, 2008.

UPDATE: Join the "Operation: Barr Tab" Facebook Group here.


Guy Smith said...

The real danger in the Barr/Root campaign is not to the Republicans, but to the Democrats, and the reason is the "blue" Democrats -- the Blue Dogs and the Blue Collars. Current polling (Wall Street Journal) shows 12% of Democrats cannot stomach Obama, and these are primarily the Blues. They likely will not switch to McCain, but in what will be a contentious election, they won't sit it out either. Come time for the debates, they will be open to the small-government pitch of the Libs. The 8% of Republicans who can't stomach McCain may do the same. That's a 4% spread, and enough to influence an election.

But it gets worse for the Democrats. Few Republicans can take the pure-freedom policies of the Libertarians (borders, abortions, drugs, gays, etc) and will not switch. However, these are hot-button issues for Democrats, and ones on which Obama will equivocate as he tries to appeal to the political center. Singe-issue Democrats will defect where as single-issue Republicans won't. Pair this draining of votes with the Nader factor, and it all starts piling up against Obama.

And it gets worse.

For all his charisma, Obama breaks when discussing the details of policy in a confrontational mode. He will wither during the debates when pitted against well-honed warriors like Barr, McCain and Nader. Obama will finish the job the Libs have started.

Enjoy your moment my Democrat friends ... it will be short lived.

Ron said...

oh dear