Thursday, May 08, 2008

Regina King Doesn't Like The Looks Of Howard Stern

There is, we suppose, some poetic justice in the fact that Howard Stern, a man who regularly rates the looks of women on his show, got a considerably unfavorable rating in that department by the uber-sexy Regina King. From Marksfriggin:

"After the break Howard came back and mentioned that Gary Garver was out at an event and got an interview with Regina King. He didn't know who she was but Robin did. He played the clip where Gary asked Regina to rate Howard's looks. Regina said she feels that he's below a 1 and maybe a ''negative 2.'' Howard took that pretty hard and said that was pretty harsh. He said that even burn victims are at least a 1. Regina described Howard in one word with the word ''Negative.'' She said she really doesn't know him though because she doesn't listen or watch his show. She just knew his looks.

"Howard said that he shouldn't even show his face today. He said he was going to go out to dinner tonight but now he's not sure he should go out in public."

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