Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sharon Stone Apologizes

(image via diamondring)

We've wined and dined with Kings and Queens and lain in the gutter eating pork and beans. We thought we'd seen everything there is to see on this Big Blue Marble, but we didn't expect to live to see the day when Sharon Stone apologized. Yes, Sharon Stone's odd interpretation of the Law of Karma was, ah, unorthodox. We really don't think that the tens of thousands of killed Chinese nationals were meant to suffer because the government of China represses the freedoms of Tibet. But we didn't think Sharon Stone, one of the ballsiest people in Hollywood would apologize. Apparently Dior -- for which she works -- didn't appreciate her impromptu commentary. From AFP:

"Hollywood star Sharon Stone has apologised for suggesting China's earthquake was bad 'karma' for its handling of Tibet, but Christian Dior on Thursday dropped her from its local ads amid a public uproar.

"The 50-year-old US actress offered to help with relief efforts after the May 12 quake that killed nearly 70,000 people, in an effort to smooth over tensions sparked by her controversial comments at the Cannes Film Festival last week.

"'My erroneous words and deeds angered and saddened the Chinese people, and I sincerely apologise for this,' she said in a statement issued by Dior China and sent to AFP on Thursday."

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