Friday, May 30, 2008

P Diddy is Rooting For Snoop To Be Let Back In The UK

We all now know the twisted tale about how Snoop Dogg, a knucklehead to be sure, was banned from the UK (after previously being banned from British Airways and Australia). And while, yes, "rockstars" are forestalled adolescents with millions in "Fuck You" money to play with, that's a pretty fucking big slice of the globe in which he can't tour. Or, to put it in language that will really move The Dogg: That's a lot of bitches you can't fuck, Dawg (Averted Gaze).

But at least he has a champiton in P Diddy -- nee Sean Combs -- albeit safely nestled in his perch on the French Riviera. From the 3AMGirls:

"...Anyone who's anyone has danced on the decks of P Diddy's lavish ($65 million) yacht, The Maraya, which is currently moored in Cannes.

"And now here I am, too. I can scarcely believe my luck!

"The king of bling himself has exclusively invited the Mirror onboard for a personal guided tour of the brand new 54ft yacht he's chartered.

"... He sinks into a butter-soft cream leather sofa and flashes another wide smile. I needn't have worried about how to break the ice when faced with a multi-millionaire music mogul - the mere fact that I'm a Brit does that.

"'I can't wait to come back to the UK,' says Diddy, 38, warmly. 'I have such a great time there. I want to do another tour there soon. Last time Snoop wasn't allowed in the UK, but I'm rooting for him to make that happen.'"

No doubt Diddy spilled a little bit of champagne -- just a little bit -- into the Mediterranean, "in commemoration of the banned homie."

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