Friday, May 30, 2008

There Is No Justice In This World

Religion was probably invented because anyone with an innate sense of justice would have to be unhappy with the ways of this wide world. The peculiar magnetics of this planet are such that ruthless maneuverings are justly rewarded. Perhaps that is why reptilian life flourished here so many aeon's ago? Is former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger a surviving remnant of that Age (Averted Gaze)? To wit: this item from those intrepid Page Sixxies:

"HENRY Kissinger blowing out birthday candles on his chocolate layer birthday cake (he's 85) at the Mayflower Inn in Washington, Conn., with wife Nancy and two other couples .."

That the socialite-war criminal is not uncomfortably ensconsed in the Hague answering for his many various international crimes and misdemeanors boggles the imagination ...(The Corsair lights up a Macanudo Robust Baron de Rothschild)

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