Friday, May 30, 2008

A Little Of The Old In And Out

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In: The DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee. Get ready to either wake up really, really late tomorrow morning, otherwise be prepared to watch wall-to-wall coverage of the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee. Tomorrow they will decide what to do about seating those troublesome Florida and Michigan delegates which Senator Clinton is contesting with great gusto. James Roosevelt, Jr, the co-chair of the Committee, is regarded as one of the fairest people in all the world. Members of the Committee include former Gore campaign chair Donna Brazile, the Dickensian-named Harold Ickes and undeclared Virginia superdelegate Jerome Wiley Segovia, among others. From First Read:

"Florida Rep. Robert Wexler and former Michigan Congressman David Bonior -- who also served as John Edwards campaign manager -- will be the Obama campaign's representatives at Saturday's meeting of the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee, the campaign said yesterday.

"Both men were on a conference call Wednesday in which campaign manager David Plouffe said he expected the weekend meeting, called to reach a resolution about how to seat Florida and Michigan delegates since the states broke party rules by moving up their primaries, would result in Clinton gaining a 'not insignificant' number of delegates and would likely raise the magic number needed for the nomination.

The Clinton campaign has yet to announce whom its representatives will be.

Out: Emotionalism in The Church. After listening to this newest preacher, this Father Pfleger, in the newest "Obama-Guilting-by-Association" gambit, we wonder: At what point did white-hot Emotionalism creep, at magma velocity, into the pulpit? Whatever happened to Dignity? What of Christian taciturnity?

We were of the opinion that Christianity -- at least at some point -- was a religion based on sober restraint, not "snake-handling," shameful crying testimonials, Appalachian-Jesus fancydancing or, in the case of this Chicago community clergyman, a stand-up routine for the amusement (but not the edification) of his flock. Church is supposed to cater to our Highest Impulses.

It would be nice if these preachers emulated the sober restraint of Christ and not the deep-scarlet mercuriality of his cloven-hoofed nemesis, Lucifer; we're just saying ...

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